Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution
"Higher headquarters established to coordinate and monitor the country's mosques, cultural centers and art»


Subsequent mission to the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance that the SCCR in providing plans to deal with cultural invasion was assigned, The real role of cultural revival and propagation of mosques and optimum use of facilities and installations, the governmental agencies that have cultural productivity Was introduced by Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the roles and responsibilities with respect to the centers and cultural institutions, people such as mosques,

At this critical juncture could have on the Council's approval: Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the delegation will Consisting of: Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance as Board Chairman, Coordination Council for Mosques Affairs, President of the Islamic Propagation Organization,  Basij Commander and Head of Endowments and Charity Affairs (the Minister of Education of Head of Physical Education and the mayor of Tehran will be invited.)

This committee is responsible for the following activities in the mosques that are ready and have enough talent to lead and organize:Translate from: Arabic

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1 - equipping libraries of these mosques are being held, if possible.

2 - mosques that have room for, be equipped so that this can be useful for showing films.


3 - the construction of mosques that have the possibility of establishing a class, with the help of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance Display Board, Calligraphy Society, the Center for Young Cinema Society houses the revolutionary anthems of light (in the Quran) Such training will be held in the mosques.


4 - Working with these mosques their language classes, religious education, computer training, education, health, family health, education and the Sewing ... Run in collaboration with other devices.


Note 1: Vzartfrhng and Islamic Guidance, which is responsible for directing and reconstruction activities in the provinces and The board of the city with a similar composition to form.


Note 2: Devices and various agencies and advertising executive and Cultural Affairs for the realization of the obligation to cooperate with Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance is.


Note 3: For the provisions of this Act the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance for mosques that are ready to establish the artistic and cultural centers that will act according to the activity centers, having competencies in activities such as: establishment of the store, book publishing, established Library, offers activities such as art and video gallery and the club will provide for the centers.


Note 4: The optimal use of facilities and facility staff executive of the device can be used for artistic activity, will planning.



Register of governors in higher headquarters coordination centers


Membership of the board of governors of the real role of cultural revival and propagation hundred and twentieth session of the SCCR adopted mosques Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance on the proposed membership of the board of governors in the restoration of mosques (topic approved by the SCCR) was approved.